How to Prepare For ISSB General Guidelines

ISSB stands for Inter Services Selection Board. It makes selections for three of services (army, navy, and air force). ISSB was established in 1852. Read this full article to know how to prepare for ISSB general guidelines.

Types of Tests in ISSB

There are three types of tests in ISSB which are:

  1. Psychological test
  2. Indoor and Outdoor tasks
  3. Interview

Psychological Test

The psychological test is divided into three parts that are as follows.

  • Intelligence Test (Both Verbal and Non-Verbal; candidates who fail the intelligence test will be sent back home).
  • Personality Test (Written Analytical and Projective Test)
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test (it assesses candidates’ basic mechanical sense)

In the psychological test, there is a word association test where a candidate has to make a sentence from the given words. Picture story writing, pointer story writing, and sentence completion are some of the tests that are taken in different parts of the psychological test.

How to overcome your weaknesses

Many of the students participating in the test/interview fail because of a lack of awareness about the ISSB tests. ISSB takes tests in about 26 different fields. Therefore it is so diversified. For all of these fields qualifications and ages are different. Whatever you write in the test becomes the subject matter of the selection discussion process.

Pre-requisites for ISSB Test

ISSB takes tests in about 26 different fields including PMA long course, Navy MBA, Lawyer, Engineer, etc for all of these tests qualifications and age differ. You should be disciplined and hard worker. You should be systematic in every field of life.

How to answer the common question “strength and weaknesses”

Whatever you write in your test should reconcile with your interview e.g. if you like sports then write about sports you like actually and say it in the interview as well. Prepare it by writing down all of the strengths and weaknesses you found around you in different people. Then select/tick weaknesses and strengths in the list that matches your personality. Always present your actual personality and always say the truth in written as well as oral interview.

Reasons that your candidature can be rejected straight away

There are many qualities that result in a straight rejection of your candidature. Integrity problem or romantic behavior or you are not emotionally stable you are not able to plan any situation sense of responsibility physically not fit. Emotional stability is checked by putting undue pressure in the interview. You have to be emotionally stable in any difficult situation.

Discussion during interview

You should tell about situations in which you took initiative and which can prove that you can lead a team properly. In the test you should write about what you plan a situation e.g. you plan a match or party.

Guidelines about Personality, Hobbies, Qualities

You should prepare before jump into the test you should develop yourself professionally. This is a four days exclusive test. You should at least prepare for 3 to 4 months. Don’t try to change your actual personality. Practice, read and prepare about planning, leadership, sense of responsibility etc. All these can be found in different books. After preparing all of these qualities, when you take the interview, interviewers will definitely select you on the basis of your personality and preparation.

If you follow fully above discussion about how to prepare for ISSB general guidelines, you will most probably be selected.


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