What Seo Mean

When you do a search, you need to send a request or search query as a group of words or keywords called a search string. Search engines use these keywords to determine the best results for your query and display them on your search results page. The SEO process focuses on commonly used keywords when creating on-page and off-page optimization plans and that’s all what seo mean.

Users enter a request for information or service as a search query and submit it to the search engine using a form that appears at the top of the search engine’s web page. In this step, the user chooses from commonly used search engines. Most users use Google as their primary search engine because it is easy to load, provides accurate results, and uses advanced methods to display results that match keywords in search queries.

The search results displayed on the search engine page are based on the keywords used in the search. These results depend on the crawler that crawls your website and indexes its keywords. Search results consist of two types: free search results and paid search, or sponsored search. Search engine page layouts are discussed later in this chapter in the section on understanding search page layouts.

Users typically scan the search results displayed on search engine pages for titles and descriptions. If the result meets the user’s needs and seems to be the best result, the user clicks on it. Otherwise, the user will see other results. Users can also use advanced search engine search options, such as filtering results based on date, content type, and specific search criteria.

Different Types of Searches

There are different types of search engines, but there are also different types of searches that users make when searching for information. The type of search you perform depends on the type of information you seek from the search process and the queries or keywords you send to search engines. The three types are information queries, navigation queries, and transaction queries. Understanding those differences will help you determine the best combination of keywords to use to optimize your website content for focused users and website visitors.

Use of informational queries

Information retrieval queries are used by users who seek specific information, such as the history or scientific facts of a particular country. Information retrieval usually returns a large number of results, especially if it is general information. In this case, the results are returned from large information websites such as Wikipedia, About.com, and Yahoo Answers. The results of this form of search can be links to websites, encyclopedias, forums, Q & A websites, discussion boards, or academic research PDFs.

Using navigation queries

Navigation search queries typically provide less but more focused results because users search based on the name of the company or the name of a particular person. For example, users can search for company names such as Samsung and Apple, or historical figures such as George Washington. The results displayed for these types of queries typically include websites and profiles that are specifically relevant to your company or individual, or websites that have articles or news about them.

Use of transactional queries

Transactional search queries are action-based searches. When a user makes a search to buy a product, download a resource, or subscribe to a particular service, the user performs a so-called transactional search. Users doing this type of search are usually searching for products to buy or services to use. For example, users can search for website templates to buy or download. Alternatively, users can search for travel and car rental services.

Different types of users search for information on the Internet. Experienced users who have a complete understanding of what to search for know the best search terms to use to find relative results. For example, users can use specific string queries, such as “How to create a high dynamic range image in Photoshop.”

Users may know what to search for, but may not be able to find the best term or keyword to use to get the best results from the search process. Therefore, users navigate between different results and try to find the best link to click on. For example, if a user is searching for information about high dynamic range (HDR) photos and does not know the best search query, the user can use the search term “how to create HDR photo effects”.

In this case, this user does not know what to search for or how to select a search term. As a result, users can narrow down their search results by simply entering keywords and getting clues about the information they need. For example, if a user doesn’t know the best keyword to use when searching for HDR photos, the search term is “how to create a photo with a color depth effect.”


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